The NPB Board

The Neighbourhood Partnership Board is a company limited by guarantee and is made up of both resident, general and co-opted Board members.

Independent Chair

  • Vacant – under recruitment following retirement of Lord Rooker in September 2016

6 Elected Resident Board Members:

  • Tracey Barrington – Vice Chair
  • Wendy Walsh – Deputy Vice Chair
  • Ken Sims
  • Sue Spicer
  • John Miles
  • Vacant

General Board Members:

  • Peter Richmond – Castle Vale Community Housing Assoication (CVCHA)
  • Kyle Stott – Birmingham Public Health (BCC)
  • Mike Davis – Birmingham City Council (BCC)
  • Mike Wroe – Castle Vale Tenants’ and Residents’ Association (CVTRA)
  • Allen Bird – Greenwood Academy (Academies Enterprise Trust)

Co-opted Board Members:

  • Inspector Jason Bonser – West Midlands Police
  • Cllr Mike Sharpe – Local Councillor (Tyburn Ward)
  • Kim Vaughan – Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMetC)

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