Castle Vale Neighbourhood Plan

The Castle Vale Neighbourhood Plan is based on a 10 year strategy, comprising of a vision, a set of supporting principles, and target outcomes.

Vision: By 2020, Castle Vale will be a strong, proud and vibrant community. Through the Neighbourhood Partnership, Castle Vale partners will deliver high quality services that are truly responsive to local needs and residents will provide high standards of community self help and support. People will have high aspirations and achieve their potential’.

Values and Principles

  • A strong and active membership from all partners, including residents
  • An overarching vision, clear outcomes and objectives that all partners commit to
  • A shared understanding of the mutual benefits (win-win)
  • Communication, coordination and cooperation

The overall goal: For Castle Vale to continue to be a successful and vibrant neighbourhood where people have high aspirations and achieve their potential 

MAIN PRIORITY:  Theme 1: A well-educated and trained neighbourhood that succeeds economically
MAIN PRIORITY: Theme 2: A fitter, Healthier Neighbourhood
MAIN PRIORITY: Theme 3: Community aspiration and Leadership – a neighbourhood where everyone makes a contribution
Theme 4: A neighbourhood where everyone feels safe
Theme 5: A Clean and Green Neighbourhood with Good Quality housing

Click here to download a copy of the Castle Vale Neighbourhood Plan 2011 – 2020.



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