Key Points Castle Vale from the NPB AGM-24 November 2016

The AGM was chaired by Wendy Walsh, Resident Board member in the absence of the Vice Chair Tracey Barrington and Lord Rocker, who stepped down as Independent Chair in September 2016.

Wendy delivered the Vice Chair’s report for the period 1st January 2015 to 31st December 2015 at the NPB’s 12th AGM.

Highlights included:

  • Thanks for the three year tenure and commitment of Lord Rooker as independent chair.
  • Reaffirmation of the NPB’s longstanding commitment to “shape continued successful regeneration through strong partnership working, local management and community control”.
  • Setting out a reminder that despite the good quality housing, pleasant environment and a good range of amenities such as the pool, library and stadium on the Vale that there remain issues around skills, jobs and employment and health inequalities compared with other parts of Birmingham – these will form the main priorities to address over the next Neighbourhood Plan.
  • The review instigated by the NPB of whether a Community Council would be beneficial in Castle Vale – being taken forward currently through a steering group.
  • The refresh of the 2011-20 Neighbourhood Plan started in 2015 and now to be taken forward throughout 2017 to shape a plan up to 2030.
  • Board were updated on the process for recruiting a new Independent chair and the agreed a selection panel of 2 Resident Board Members and 2 partners to shortlist and interview candidates.
  • Board agreed one additional resident Board Member – John Miles and delegated to the Chair/Vice Chair the power to appoint one additional member early in the new calendar year to bring the full complement of 6 resident board members
  • Board noted that the accounts for 2015 had already been agreed by Board in September alongside the appointment of auditors for the 2016 financial cycle.

Through the Neighbourhood Partnership, public service planning and delivery will be truly responsive to local needs and residents will continue to play a full and active part in driving the priorities for services.

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