NPB says good bye to Ruth Miller and future plans for NPB and Castle Vale.


Ruth Miller, Castle Vale Neighbourhood Manager, was given some flowers and cards from Castle Vale residents to thank her for her hard work.

It is 12 years since the Castle Vale Neighbourhood Partnership Board (NPB) was set up with funds from the Regeneration Programme. Castle Vale has been transformed from an estate where no one wanted to live to a neighbourhood which is now desirable, clean, safe,  generally well looked after and where people care for one another.

Those funds have now run out and NPB can no longer fund the position of the Castle Vale Neighbourhood Manager, this means that Ruth Miller will be moving on at the end of January 2016. Ruth Miller has thanked everyone for their support in a message for Castle Vale residents in this month’s Tyburn Mail (click here to see the full article). In Ruth’s message she talks about how proud she is of the achievements which have been made in Castle Vale for many years and how brilliant and committed residents and partners are.


Ruth Miller (right) who will be leaving at the end of January with Carla Belle (left) who will be continuing to facilitate the NPB and coordinate partnership working in Castle Vale.

The NPB will continue with support from the Pioneer Group. Lord Rooker will continue as the independent Chair and the elected Resident Board Members will continue to represent residents views, hold partners accountable and highlight resident’s issues or concerns. Carla Belle, who is a Castle Vale resident and has worked on the estate for over 10 years, will continue to facilitate NPB and coordinate partnership working in Castle Vale.

In Ruth’s message she also introduces the idea of a Community Council for Castle Vale as a way to secure a more sustainable future for the neighbourhood. A new Community Council is basically a layer of local government closest to the people it serves. It is like the NPB but even more democratic, and is legally able to raise resources itself.

Over the next few months NPB will be looking into the Community Council idea to find out more about the benefits and what will be needed to ensure local people can have more control over local services. Keep an eye on the NPB Facebook page and Tyburn Mail for more information about how you can find out more. You can also contact Carla Belle on 0121 748 8189 or


Through the Neighbourhood Partnership, public service planning and delivery will be truly responsive to local needs and residents will continue to play a full and active part in driving the priorities for services.

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