Tasking Mins 29/01/15

To find out more about what is happening at WM Police led Tyburn Tasking Meetings, follow their new blog!
Ken Sims, NPB Resident Board Member, is the representative for Castle Vale, Let us know if you would like Ken to raise something on your behalf.

Tyburn Tasking

The main priority on the Tyburn ward for this month is as follows….

There is local concern surrounding the boy racers around the Fort Parkway on a Sunday.  Please be assured that West Midlands Police are taking this seriously and the Birmingham North Community Action Priority Team (CAPT) are conducting operations in order to tackle the problem.  This mainly consists of drivers being verbally warned, ticketed, Section 59 warnings issued and where appropriate arrests will be made.

For your information, a Section 59 warning is issued to the driver, but also to the vehicle if a vehicle is seen to be driven in an anti-social manner and is ALSO committing a road traffic offence of careless & Inconsiderate driving.  Once issued, if the driver (even if in another vehicle) or the vehicle is seen again driving in an anti-social manner West Midlands Police will seize the vehicle.

Other concerns on the Tyburn ward are…

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Through the Neighbourhood Partnership, public service planning and delivery will be truly responsive to local needs and residents will continue to play a full and active part in driving the priorities for services.

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